Key Charts - Size and Structure

Financial System Composition of G-20 Countries

Countries' financial systems vary not only by size but also by their dependence on different types of external financing. The U.S. relies on its capital markets to finance business activity much more than China and Europe, for instance, which depend mainly on banks.

China is bank-oriented while the U.S. is capital markets-oriented

Sources: Bankscope, Bloomberg, Bank for International Settlements, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Milken Institute.

Report: James R. Barth, Chris Brummer, Tong Li, and Daniel E. Nolle, Systemically Important Banks in the Post-Crisis Era: The Global Response and 135 Countries' Responses, Milken Institute, September 2013, p. 6, Table 1.

Financial System Composition of G-20 Countries

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