Key Charts - Size and Structure

Countries with Decreasing Ratios from Survey I to IV

Over-reliance on state-owned banks can crowd out private lending discipline and jeopardize public fiscal restraint. Since 2000, many developing countries say state-owned banks are playing a smaller role.

Note: I and IV refer to the World Bank's Bank Regulation and Supervision Survey I (1999) and Survey IV (2011). I-IV refers to a decrease in the value of the index from 1999-2011.

Source: James R. Barth, Gerard Caprio Jr., and Ross Levine, Measure It, Improve It: Bank Regulation and Supervision in 180 Countries 1999-2011, Milken Institute, April 2013.

Countries with Decreasing Ratios from Survey I to IV

China Sneezes and the World Catches Cold
Deposits, Confidence Seep Out of Greek Banks
Asia Offshore Borrowing
Spain Looks to Fix its Real Estate Lending
Community Banks: Defying the Trend
U.S. Banks Squeezed by Interest Rate Disparity
Latin America’s Position in Global Leverage
Breaking Tradition: Euro Area Moves Toward Bonds
A Snapshot of Chinese Debt
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