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Deposits, Confidence Seep Out of Greek Banks
  • Since the end of 2014, Greek households and businesses have withdrawn €30 billion (US$33 billion) in deposits from Greece’s banking system.
  • At the end of 2014, private deposits stood at €160 billion, but by May, deposits had fallen below €130 billion. This is the banking system’s lowest level of deposits since the summer of 2004.
  • Even after these interventions, as the chart above shows, the Greek debt-to-GDP ratio remains the highest in Europe at 177 percent, ahead of other crisis-hit countries like Italy and Ireland.

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Sources: Eurostat, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Bank of Greece, Milken Institute.

Note: The chart includes data for Greece only from 2010, because there is no reliable data before that period.

Deposits, Confidence Seep Out of Greek Banks

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