Key Charts - Too-Big-To-Fail

Increasing Total Bank Assets to GDP (1999-2011)

In the decade leading up to 2011, banking sectors in mature markets expanded - in some cases to unsustainable levels - and in many developing countries they outgrew GDP.

Banking systems grew larger in many countries.

Note: Surveys I and IV refer to the World Bank Bank Regulation and Supervision Surveys I (1999) and Surveys IV (2011). IV-I refers to an increase in the value of the index from 1999-2011.

Report: James R. Barth, Gerard Caprio Jr., and Ross Levine, "Measure It, Improve It: Bank Regulation and Supervision in 180 Countries 1999-2011," Milken Institute, April 2013, p. 14, Figure 2.

Increasing Total Bank Assets to GDP (1999-2011)

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